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1, Machinery application:
This machine is suitable for special fibre (such as oxhide fibre)¨s opening and carding, web forming, for the next process (spunlacing).
2, Structures and features:
This machine is mainly composed of chute feeder, carding machine and air-laid lapper. Photoelectric switch controls the height of raw material on the convey screen, inclined screen, opening roller, stripping roller, air-blower, vacuum blower, web forming screen are all controlled by a frequency converter, easy adjustment, simple structure and beautiful looks.
3, working principle:
Raw materials will be feed to the convey screen by chute feeder, then be convey to opening roller. After opening and carding by the opening roller, the more even raw materials will be striped by the stripping roller in high-speed. Then after be mixed and disordered by venturi, it will be adsorbed to the web forming screen. With the web forming screen¨s working, the even felt web with a suitable thickness will be send to next process.    
This machine(pointing at the special fiber) is researched and developed by our company. It is the ideal products for recycled leather products.

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