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¡¡ ¡¡

 Main features :
1¡¢ Several significant computer control parameters;
2¡¢ Customized frame, high-strength, easily adjusted to facilitate the demolition of the end of major leakage;
3¡¢ Enclosed circular wall to avoid the wall flowers;
4¡¢ Cotton feeding or apply double lap £»
5¡¢ Plane intermittent smoke machine Filtration box-absorption £»
6¡¢ Flat reversed, carding enhance and improve network quality cotton £»
7¡¢ Flat located and fixed before carding plate cylinder Astoria structural optimization and design to improve accuracy £»
8¡¢ Flat spent on removing replaced by the roller brush to get copied £»
9¡¢ Plane using new Rack £»
10¡¢Convenient and safe all closed security enclosures £»
11¡¢Brake Cylinder 40 seconds £»
12¡¢Since stopped everywhere, everywhere Detecting Device £»
13¡¢Cotton can visit the band network installation guide cotton ¡£

Selection £º
Autoleveller : Self-Leveling mixed ring by measuring the thickness and the amount of litter feeding thickness of cotton, cotton controlled by computer to speed roller achieve fragment length Leveling.

Blowing - carding blowing-carding applicable to high-yield high-speed card : None ¡£

Electrical Control £º
1¡¢FA006 Card electrical control box, two sets of import-frequency devices, and variable speed motor control Astoria and cotton transmission ratio. Acceleration and smooth, stable and reliable operation and good braking performance.
Leveling also wearing self-regulating control cabinet, which guarantee of evenness.
2¡¢Control panel is equipped with a digital display device, the box can show all kinds of dynamic information technology, and is able to make all kinds of breakdowns and full extinguishers state police. The Control Center is a piece of imports PLC, simple and reliable operation.
3¡¢ Technical specifications £º
£¨1£©Scope : The overall length of 22-76 mm machine applicable to the cotton fiber, chemical fiber and its blended.
£¨2£© Yield (kg / am) £º80(Maximum speed of 250 out of the folds)
£¨3£© Quantitative sliver £º3.5-6.5(G / m)
£¨4£© Feeding weight £º400-1000(G / m)
£¨5£© Working width (mm) £º1000
£¨6£© Dry - £º60-300
£¨7£© Thorn roller diameter (mm) £º¦µ250
£¨8£© Thorn roller speed (rpm) £º833  942  1025
£¨9£© Adolfo work in diameter (mm) £º¦µ1289
£¨10£©Adolfo work speed (rpm) 413  467  508
£¨11£©Working cylinder diameter (mm) £º¦µ1289
£¨12£©Xilin work speed (rpm £©413  467  508
£¨13£©Rotary Flat (Flat work / Flat total) £º32/86
£¨14£©Flat rate (cents folds) £º98-367
£¨15£©Additional components : Taker - carding carding plate after Flat Tops, the former Flat Tops
£¨16£©Apply sliver extinguishers (mm) in diameter £º¦µ600  ¦µ1000
                        High £º1100
£¨17£©Batch Cleaning Filtration : single box each exhaust fan about 3000 m 3 / hour, the aircraft concentrated intermittent suction system.
£¨18£©Compressed air pressure : 4-5 kg / sq cm
£¨19£©Air consumption : 0.01 m 3 / hour
£¨20£©11.04 kW total installed power
£¨21£©5.5 kW main drive motor :
£¨22£©Astoria drives : 2.2 kW :
£¨23£©Cleaning roller motor : 0.37 kW
£¨24£©Flat spent cleaning roller 0.37 kW motor
£¨25£©Filtration : 2.2 kW electrical box
£¨26£©Cotton to 0.4 kW motor :
£¨27£©Closed Type : security enclosures
£¨28£©Covers (Chang) : 4460 x 2729 (mm) (600 circle of ¦µ)
                        4,659 x 3,142 (mm) (¦µ circle of 1000)
(29) : machinery weighing 5500kg

Yield is subject to the following factors £º
Of weight; Out of speed; Sources of raw materials; Fiber fineness and length; Working conditions; Air conditioning; Victoria adjustment
Repair; Management experience.

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